Easy steps to creating an EMPTY project in FilmFreeway

( the steps are presented from top to bottom as you scroll down the page.)

1. After creating your FilmFreeway FILMMAKER account
or login to your existing FILMMAKER account
please create a NEW project.

2. At this time you need only the minimum content for this project,
as shown in the example below.

3. After providing the minimum information, scroll to the bottom of the data entry page
and you will find the SAVE PROJECT button.

4. After you save your project you should see this page. Now click the X in the top right of the grey box.

5. Now click the SUBMISSIONS link at the top right of the page.

6. Click the BROWSE FESTIVALS button.

7. Type SPARTA Film Challenge in the search input box.

8. After you press SEARCH you will see this page.

9. Now click ADD TO CART & CHECKOUT.
When you complete the Check Out and Payment process you will be registered for the Winter 2017 SPARTA Film Challenge.
If you have any questions you may reach us at : sparta.film.challenge (at) gmail.com

CATCH release information will be sent to each registered filmmaker by email,
and posted on the SPARTA Film Challenge FilmFreeway event page.

NOTE VERY WELL : after you have created your SPARTA short film submission you will need to upload it to the project you have just created. You must COMPLETE the upload before 7 pm (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on April 10, 2017.